Slow Down

Extend your Left arm at 45% and move
your hand up and down.
Right Turn

Raise your Left arm horizontal, with
elbow bent 90% vertically.
Left Turn

Raise your Left arm horizontal with
elbow  fully extended.
Single File

Position your Left hand over your helmet,
with your fingers extended forward. This
indicates the leader wants the group in
single file for
SAFETY reasons.
Staggered Formation

Extend Left arm up 45% with your index
and pinkie finger extended, this indicates
that it is safe to return to staggered
How fast are you really traveling?

At 75mph you go 1 mile (5,280 feet) in 48 seconds.

That means you cover a distance of 110 feet in one second!

You cannot afford to take your eye off the road and you must be
looking at least three seconds (330 feet) ahead at all times to be safe
and prepared for the unexpected.

This example is used for reference only.
NEVER exceed the posted speed limit and always adjust your speed
for road, weather and traffic conditions.

Stay Safe - Arrive Alive

Live to Ride / Ride To Live
As a Statesville HOG member you are expected to follow and obey all North Carolina
traffic laws while riding with the chapter on group rides. We hope you will practice
safety first whenever you ride whether with the chapter of by yourself, within your
own skill level and following the Road Captains lead and instructions
Safety First

2018 Safety Officer:
Would you like to be a Road Captain?

2018 Head Road Captain: MARK STEVENSON
Be Safe

Animals Do Cross the Road