As the story goes and you know about stories...

One sunny afternoon in May 1986 a fellow named Cotton Moore grabbed a yellow
pad, pencil, and chair and went outside and sat under a shade tree and said “Ya’ll
line up and give me 10 bucks we are starting a motorcycle club."

The first person in line was Tommie Holmes and 41 more folks signed up, YEP a
total of 43 charter members and thus the birth of the Statesville NC HOG chapter
#3548.  The first HOG chapter in the State of North Carolina!  Oh, by the way, 13 of
the charter members are members of the HOG chapter today.
1986 - 2016
Statesville H.O.G.
North Carolina's First & Oldest HOG Chapter
Celebrating 30 Years
In 2012 Tilley's Harley Davidson celebrated it's 40th year in business as a Harley
we have with Don & Robinette Tilley, their family and employees.

Over the years the Statesville HOG Chapter has grown and has seen
membership numbers close to 200. While we strive to increase membership
numbers our focus is on quality and not quantity.

We want members with BIG hearts that love to ride.
In Memory of
Don Tilley, Cotton Moore, Rodney Drum, Tommie Holmes, Josh Pardue
You will be Missed
God Bless America