As the story goes and you know about stories...

One sunny afternoon in May 1986 a fellow named Cotton Moore grabbed a yellow
pad, pencil, and chair and went outside and sat under a shade tree and said “Ya’ll
line up and give me 10 bucks we are starting a motorcycle club."

The first person in line was Tommie Holmes and 41 more folks signed up, YEP a
total of 43 charter members and thus the birth of the Statesville NC HOG chapter
#3548.  The first HOG chapter in the State of North Carolina!  Oh, by the way, 13 of
the charter members are members of the HOG chapter today.
1986 - 2018
Statesville H.O.G.
North Carolina's First & Oldest HOG Chapter
Celebrating 32 Years
In Memory of
Don Tilley, Cotton Moore, Rodney Drum, Tommie Holmes, Josh Pardue
You will be Missed
God Bless America